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Mike, the owner, is a retired US Naval Aviator who commanded the "Blue Basters" of VFA-34, an F/A 18 Hornet squadron based at NAS Oceana, Virginia and assigned to the USS George Washington. We are proud of the service he provided to our country during Desert Storm, during all three of his combat deployments, and every day that he flew for our nation's protection. Leaving the military, he was hoping to spend more time with his family and bought the farm from Teresa's uncle, Charley Eager. Mike works every day around the farm and with the help of his family and friends is happy to offer the same friendly service that Charley delivered each season.

No day is routine as we spend every day preparing for the Christmas season. During the winter we cut every tree stump sold during the Christmas season. Then in the spring we take soil samples and fertilize every tree by hand to ensure it is healthy. Mid-March is seedling planting time! Then we take the time to stake and tape every tree to make sure it grows straight and beautiful.

With the coming of Summer we start our irrigating system. We want a minimum of one inch of water on our trees every week. If we do not have adequate moisture we start the irrigation system. We can put an inch of water on over 1,200 trees every night! You can always be assured your Pumpkins and Pines Christmas tree is healthy.

During the summer we have plenty of mowing to do and we also start stocking the store with those distinctive gifts and Christmas decorations. Then in June it's time to hand-trim every tree to make sure it has the perfect shape you expect in Pumpkins and Pines Christmas trees. In autumn we continue to irrigate, mow, and constantly monitor the trees to ensure they are healthy.

Once October arrives we are busy decorating the store and setting up all of our equipment. Santa stops by for a quick visit to ensure everything looks great. He also drops off his own personal stock of candy canes and hot chocolate! We spend many long hours in November warming ourselves by the woodstove as we make our farm fresh Christmas wreaths. We also have a great time decorating our 2,500 square foot store with many unique and distinctive gifts and decorations.

The weekend before Thanksgiving our premium pre-cut fir trees arrive and we are ready to open! We love the Christmas season!

Come on by and see us this year. It will be a family memory that you will never forget. We look forward to seeing you!